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Get your wallets ready, League of Legends fans.

Your Shop has once again returned to the League client, offering six skins at a discounted rate. While the skins won’t be around forever, fans have until Nov. 9 to snag a cosmetic at a reduced price

The personalized shop is unique to every player, offering skins for champions you’ve played in recent months.

To access Your Shop, click on the lit-up icon next to the Store at the top right of your client. Players then select each card to reveal the six different skins at a discount. The cosmetics are then purchasable directly from the Your Shop tab.

The discounted skins vary in rarity, but Ultimate and Legendary skins aren’t typically offered. And bundle exclusives, loot exclusives, and limited skins are unavailable in Your Shop, as well as skins currently on sale. Players can get their hands on cosmetics that are no longer offered in the store, however.

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