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A new event is coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift called Broken Blades. Plenty of rewards are on offer, including the ability to unlock the newly-released Irelia and Riven for free. Here’s how you can take advantage of it.

Wild Rift patch 2.3 is launching on June 1 with a big event celebrating two of the game’s newest releases.

Irelia and Riven are joining the mobile MOBA roster from League of Legends, and they’ll be reforging their Broken Blades in the upcoming event.

Here’s what you need to know about the Broken Blades event, including how you can unlock Irelia and Riven for free when they launch in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Broken Blades event missions

The missions aren’t out yet for Broken Blades, but judging from past events, we have an indication of how long they’ll be.

The Masters of the Hunt event to unlock Kha’Zix or Rengar had six missions before you could unlock either champion. You can expect around the same number for this one, focusing on objectives in the solo lane as well as the individual strengths of each champion.

Wild Rift Broken Blades event rewards: How to unlock Irelia & Riven

You will be able to earn accessories, a pose, and even the champions themselves depending on which path you choose to follow. You can only pick one path, so choose wisely between unlocking Irelia or Riven.

Once you complete the missions to unlock either champion, you can also earn bonus rewards for Blue Motes and Poro Coins. You can complete both champions’ bonus missions for a total of 200 Poro Coins and 1200 Blue Motes.

Wild Rift Broken Blades event release & expiry date

The Wild Rift Broken Blades event will kick off on June 1.

No expiry date is locked in yet, but you can expect it to stick around for about two weeks ⁠— so pencil June 15 in as a tentative end date.

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