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The 2020 LPL Summer Split finals will take place on Aug. 27 at 4:30am CT, the Chinese League of Legends league announced earlier today on Twitter.

The winning team will be crowned Summer Split champion and will directly qualify for the World Championship.

After the LPL Summer’s winner is crowned champion, the Regional Finals will be held from Aug. 28 to 30 to decide which other teams will go to the World Championships later this fall.

The qualifier will gather four teams to battle it out, with both best teams earning their spot to the World Championship’s main event and play-in stage respectively.

Only FunPlus Phoenix have officially qualified thanks to their Spring’s result, which awarded them 30 points, despite having lost the first round of Summer’s playoffs. JD Gaming (100 points) and Top Esports (80 points) are also close to being qualified.

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