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Kim “Gori” Tae-woo, the 19-year-old substitute mid laner  for T1, leaves the roster and is no longer a part of the organization. After the news broke that his contract was removed  from the GCD, T1 confirmed the news on Twitter and thanked Gori for his commitment to the team.

Gori has been a part of T1 since 2018, back when the organization was still known as SKT. He became the substitute mid laner of the team, behind star mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. He eventually became a trainee of the team as of January 2019, but he would later come back to the roster as a substitute for Faker in November. Before becoming a part of T1, Gori briefly played for Gangwon and REVERSE Gaming.

The departure of the mid laner seems to be the result of a mutual decision by the team and the player, as Gori was still contracted to T1 until November 2020. His spot as a mid lane substitute is filled by Lee “Closer” Ju-hyeon, a 16-year-old mid laner who was praised as one of the most gifted young players and who joined T1 in May 2019.

The future of Gori is still foggy, but being trained by T1 will make him a desirable option for many teams looking for a young and promising mid laner.

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