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“Call it a purse, I dare you.”

Playtime’s over—new True Damage Akali-themed merchandise is coming soon. 

League of Legends hip-hop band True Damage is set to release the first set of merchandise for one of its star members on July 11. Akali’s merch will be available on the True Damage website at 10am CT, according to a post from Riot Merch’s Facebook page earlier today. 

Riot Games teased this merchandise reveal on July 6 when the True Damage website was updated with a single image, a fire logo, and locked entry. The “Worldwide Merchandise Release” didn’t include much information at the time of the teaser.

This is likely the first set of multiple merchandise lines that will be released in the coming weeks. True Damage consists of Yasuo, Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, and Senna, so these other champions could get their own lines shortly.

True Damage, alongside Pentakill and K/DA, are three bands set in the League of Legends universe, each of which produced it’s own music and relevant material. But it looks like fans will get to see a comeback from these groups since merchandise is one method of promotion. 

The last set of True Damage merchandise is available on the Riot merch store but it has not been updated in a year. The merch featured all members of True Damage in some capacity, with Ekko featured on the Unisex Tee, for example. 

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