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Unmute the newt.

It appears Riot finally benched the Kench.

Riot made a nod to League of Legends’ Tahm Kench in VALORANT’s new map, adding in an Easter egg that’ll please fans of the amphibian. Surrenderat20 mod Spideraxe posted a picture today showcasing a unique and ornate bench that pays homage to the king toad.

Ascent, the latest map to debut in the tactical shooter, is set in Italy and has an open middle area that branches into several alleyways. But attackers can take a load off on the Tahm Kench bench, which is located past the archway of the Mid Courtyard.

Riot has said that the League and VALORANT worlds are separate and don’t interlap. But it appears a slippery toad got through to give new life to the age-old meme.

The “unbench the Kench” chants have been known to take over Twitch chat during professional League matches, along with “uninhibit the ribbit,” “unload the toad,” and “permit the Kermit.” When fans want to see the River King hit the Rift, the cries start pouring out.

It’s unclear if any other League Easter eggs have been hidden into the tactical shooter. But if they have, fans will find them.

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