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Solo queue in peace.

High-ranked League of Legends players can finally sigh in relief.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter informed fans that a matchmaking fix is being rolled out today. The hotfix should prevent large discrepancies between players’ MMR in high-ranked lobbies.

“We’re rolling out a matchmaking fix that should address the wide spreads we’ve been seeing in high MMR games today,” Scruffy said. “Thanks for reporting and being patient with this.”

The issue was first reported by Fnatic jungler Selfmade, who tweeted a picture of his solo queue lobby this morning. The Polish pro’s match consisted of players with MMR between Diamond One and Challenger, with some Master players sprinkled in as well.

The large gap in MMR and skill can adversely affect matchmaking, especially if one team is unlucky enough to have more lower-ranked players. But Riot’s fix should solve the balance issue.

It’s unclear if players in lower ranks were experiencing a similar problem. There are far less players at the top of the ladder, however, which makes finding a balanced match more difficult and can often lead to longer queue times.

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