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A hotfix cools off Syndra’s ultimate.

Less than 12 hours after the Teamfight Tactics patch 10.14 went live, Syndra received a hotfix to her mana maximum. 

An immediate hotfix was applied in TFT this afternoon due to Syndra casting her ultimate too fast, and often. 

Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer was enjoying streaming TFT ranked this morning, while still on vacation, when the chat started throwing pitchforks at Syndra for being “broken.” Mortdog specifically played Syndra on stream with a Blue Buff on her to test her potential brokenness. And it was discovered that Syndra’s lowered mana was popping off her ultimate just a tad too fast, making the Star Guardian champion quite powerful. 

Just a few hours later, it was announced by Riot Green, product lead at TFT, that Syndra’s’ mana was getting pushed to 50 maximum from the previous 40. Her mana was pushed to 40 in patch 10.14 as a means to compensate for the Star Guardian nerf, whereas her max mana was at 60 during patch 10.13. 

“We don’t want to remove her as the star guardian carry, but she was casting a bit too often,” said Green

Syndra is still strong in Sorcerer and Star Guardian in TFT, but the increase in max mana should slow down her ultimate just enough to not break the meta. The Star Guardian nerf wasn’t meant to kill the comp, just slow it down. But until the hotfix on Syndra went into effect, it was hard to tell a nerf took place at all. 

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