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The taste of revenge everyone was waiting for.

After a sour loss against SK Gaming during the first day of the 2020 LEC Summer Split, Origen showed up today with a fresh mindset and took down the Kings of Europe, G2 Esports. Origen previously showed their worth with an impressive Spring Split this year but tied with Fnatic for second place and were eventually taken down by G2, leaving them with a thirst for revenge.

After yesterday’s disappointment, the Origen everyone got to see today is the Origen that stands a fighting chance to take over G2’s unending reign.

Within the first 10 minutes, Origen were 2,000 gold and four kills ahead of G2. It all started going south before the five-minute mark, when Jankos dove under tower in an attempt to get first blood on Upset. Destiny turned the fight around, however, and Jankos ended up giving Origen first blood instead.

LEC fans know from experience that there’s no way of telling with G2. We have all seen them bounce back in the most implausible of situations. But by the time Origen were on the third dragon, there was no way G2 could turn it around. It became clear that Origen were going in for a well-deserved win.

Alphari was voted as KIA Player of the Week after an outstanding performance. With a 7/0/4 KDA and a 73-percent kill participation, Alphari proved yet again that he is the best performing player on Origen’s roster.

Origen will take on Misfits tomorrow at 12pm CT for day three of this first LEC Summer Split Super Week, and G2 will have another chance to prove their dominance at 1pm CT as they face Vitality.

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