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The Florida Mutineers currently have no plans to return Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson to their Call of Duty League starting lineup.

“I can’t go too deep into detail but for the time being he will stay on the roster on the bench,” Mutineers coach Ricky “Atura” Lugo told ESPN’s Arda Ocal. “We’ll kind of let time go by and see if things come up. But…he’s currently on the bench for us and we plan to keep him there.”

Prestinni stepped down from the lineup for mental health reasons before the Los Angeles homestand event on March 7-8. Maurice “Fero” Henriquez stepped in last-minute, only scrimming once with the team before playing with them at the Shrine Auditorium in LA.

Atura added that Fero wasn’t on the radar at all prior to the L.A. event, but a Mutineers player had recommended him as an emergency substitute. Although they didn’t make semifinals in L.A., the Mutineers decided to stick with Fero, who was a key part of their victory at the Dallas Empire home series, which was held online April 10-12. This marked the Mutineers’ first Call of Duty League tournament win.

The Mutineers coach also credited Fero for the team’s revitalized gameplay and refreshed attitude.

“It all started with the addition of Fero,” Atura said of their improved performance and eventual win. “He brought so much energy and excitement to the team and so much knowledge to where we learned the game very very quickly with him.”

The Mutineers are the hometown hosts of the next online Call of Duty League event, which will run from May 8-10. They are currently fifth overall in the standings, tied at 100 points with the Minnesota RØKKR.

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