LoL Adc Buff 10.11
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The upcoming League of Legends patch 10.11 will please most bot lane players. Publisher Riot Games reinforces all champions of the marksman class and some of their items as well.

Riot Games will make several changes to League of Legends in the upcoming week. Lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter already released a first preview on Twitter for the patch which is going to get online on May 27. The newest version of the game will feature improvements for AD Carrys and a balance update for stronger and weaker champions. Furthermore the patch will include a rework of Volibear.

Marksman update

For many AD Carrys or marksmen, the past weeks and months came close to a living nightmare. A large number of champions were dependent on team compositions. Now Riot wants to give players more freedom and opportunities. Since the ADC role already works very well in the professional scene, there are small buffs that should help out.

Any classic bot lane marksman gains 30 points of health and receives two additional health for every level-up. Moreover the marksman that are used on solo lanes receive buffs which scalre more moderately.  Champions who profit from this boost are Lucian, Vayne, Kalista and Tristana. In addition Riot Games also increases the running speed that you get from critical items. This will affect the Zeal, the Phantom Dancer, the Runaan’s Hurricane, the Rapid Fire Cannon and the Statikk Shiv. These specific buffs for the items should please melee carries like Yasuo or Tryndamere as well.

Champion nerfs

The mid laners Talon and Syndra will be nerfed in the upcoming patch as well as  jungler Graves and supporter Janna. Especially the announcement of Janna’s nerf came as a surprise for the community, as they feel it is exaggerated. On the other hand the weakening of Talon, Syndra and Graves is considered to be positive.

Janna’s damage of her W ability is reduced by five per level, so she loses 20 points damage in total. Talon’s Q ability will cost ten additional mana in the future and will restore ten points less at the beginning, if an opponent is successfully eliminated. However the effect will reach the same value as before by the end of the game. Syndra‘s cooldown on her E ability will be increased from 16-12 to 18-14. Also Graves suffers from a nerf. He loses 20 percent base AD scaling for his Q ability.

Champion buffs

There aren’t many buffs in the upcoming patch for the champions. Fiddlesticks, Lux, Gangplank, Hecarim and Kai’Sa gain more strengh. Even though they aren’t the weakest champions they needed some improvement. That’s why the buffs for these champions are rather moderate.

Kai’Sa’s AD scaling on her Q is going to be increased. Additionally, her ultimate ability gets a moderate range boost. Hecarims Q is slightly improved and receives an additional 5-13 base damage, depending on the level. Gangplanks attack speed increases from 0.658 to 0.69. Lux’s E ability applies slows for a second after detonation while Fiddlesticks now is able to scare enemies after mimicking their passive ability.

Volibear rework

The update of Volibear is another novelty in this patch. Volibear receives a complete rework with a complete revamp of his skills. The rework has already received positive feedback from many testers. Only his Q ability will stay roughly the same, though it will see small adjustments.

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