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With the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, League of Legends MSI will not take place this year. Riot Games are focused on the 2020 World Championship instead.

John Needham, the Global head of Legends of Legends eSports at Riot Games, came up with an official press note explaining the cancellation of League of Legends MSI.

The League of Legends 2020 MSI was supposed to take place in the month of May. Due to COVID-19’s impact and travel restrictions, it was rescheduled to July, hoping that things would ease out by then. John Needham has this to say in the press release:

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‘’However, based on the model provided to us by our external risk advisers, it seems highly unlikely that both the global spread and impact of COVID-19 and the travel and public meeting restriction policies will decrease significantly by the planned dates of the MSI (July 3 to 19). Considering this model, as well as the information provided by health authorities, local governments, leagues and regional teams, travel experts, and other interested parties, we made the difficult decision not to do the MSI in 2020.’’

MSI is an international tournament where top regional teams compete. It is an event that brings the League of Legends community together. However, keeping in mind the health and safety of players, staff, partners, and the fans, canceling MSI was a necessary measure.

Good thing is that League of Legends esports team and Riot Games are evaluating alternate event ideas and activities to fill up during this mid-season gap. We hope to get more updated about these events/plans in the coming weeks.

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