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Pick these junglers for free Elo.

Some champions in League of Legends are just much stronger than others.

For junglers, there are multiple considerations when weighing which champions are better. The most important thing to look at, and the most obvious, is whether the champion would be good at ganking and either securing kills or aiding their teammates in doing so. Behind the scenes, though, is where things get complicated.

Clear speed, invasion pressure, and macro mobility are all factors that need to be evaluated for keeping up with the enemy jungler. The best jungle champions are the ones that can do it all.

This list of top-tier champions can change depending on a number of things. Sometimes the meta shifts for no apparent reason other than players’ tastes, but usually there’s some kind of balance update, small or large, that’s behind the sudden change. It can be difficult to keep up on the flavor-of-the-month champs, so let us do it for you.

Here’s our current tier list for the best jungle champions in League of Legends.

Here are our top five junglers for League’s Patch 11.12.

Xin Zhao


  • Easy to play
  • High base damage
  • One of the fastest clears in the game


  • Forces your team to pick a frontline in other positions
  • Can be hard to come back if behind

The recent buffs to Xin Zhao helped him achieve a dominant top-five spot in the jungle. He benefits a lot from various season 11 items, making him a flexible champion depending on the game state. He fits into various compositions and works great as an early draft pick without opening your other roles or as last pick to round up a composition that needs an initiator.

Item build

The Domination tree is core on Xin Zhao due to a couple of runes that increase your early-game damage, while others help you scale better into the later stages of the match. Hail of Blades and Sudden Impact increase your early-game damage and can be the difference between life and death. Eyeball Collection and Relentless Hunter give you additional attack damage and movement speed to quickly move around the map.

The secondary is more flexible with Precision being a good choice. Triumph is picked up to help you survive those early-game dives, while Legend: Alacrity is taken to make your attacks feel more fluid.

Ability priority

Xin Zhao’s ability priority is R>W>E>Q. Your W is your primary damaging tool in the jungle and allows you to be one of the fastest junglers in the game. Afterwards, max E for the increased mobility to help you gank more often. Q is maxed last since its utility is much lower compared to the other two abilities.

Game plan

Xin Zhao is a power farmer who can take over the game quickly if left uncontrolled. Recent buffs made him one of the fastest clearers in the game so you should aim to always clear your jungle camps to build a huge lead over the opponents. Look to get priority over the Scuttle Crabs in the river and try to gank opponents when they overextend. Your Determination passive will help you win most trades early on against other meta junglers due to its additional damage and healing effect on every third attack.

After you get level six, watch the map and look for teamfight opportunities where your ultimate can make you immune to damage outside your circle while you destroy the backline. Keep farming as the game goes on and acquire more items. Don’t fall off or you’ll have a tough time staging a comeback.

In the later stages of the game, make sure to avoid casting ultimates unless you’re sure you’re going to be focused. Once carries have a couple of items, it is crucial you save your invulnerability until you need it, otherwise you can get easily blown up and lose the game on the spot.

Lee Sin


  • Mobile
  • Insec
  • High skill cap


  • Gets outscalled by other meta junglers
  • Useless if falling behind

Lee Sin is the epitome of skill for many jungle players. Recent buffs helped him rise to popularity once again. His current role is mostly focused on being an aggressive early-game jungler who secures leads for himself and his team and snowballs them to obtain even more advantage. Lethality builds are the key to achieving that. While some junglers can just AFK farm the jungle and come out quite strong, Lee Sin needs to gank lanes to be efficient.

Item build

The Precision tree is crucial for Lee Sin. It grants him damage, healing, execute damage, and attack speed, providing all-around great stats for the blind monk. The Inspiration secondary tree is taken for the additional ability haste on abilities and the free boots at around 12 minutes, which is further decreased by takedowns on enemy champions.

Ability priority

Lee Sin’s ability priority is R>Q>W>E. His mobility and damaging tool is Q and should be maxed first. While some aggressive Lee Sin players go for E max second, W provides additional sustain for you and an ally and is much more beneficial, especially in games where you’re behind.

Game plan

Lee Sin is one of the most mobile junglers in League. You should use this to your advantage and try to gank lanes from unexpected angles. Always carry a sweeper to clear wards before you come for ganks. If enemies don’t see you, you can easily land a Q>R onto an enemy and kick them into your teammates so that they can finish them off. While Lee Sin doesn’t have the worst scaling in the world, he does get outscaled in the mid-to-late game, so you should focus on getting as much of an advantage as you can early on.

Once you get going and get your Mythic item, which should be either Eclipse or Goredrinker, you should aim to constantly gank opponents and secure the neutral objectives such as the Rift Herald or the dragons. To have successful attempts at any action, make sure to carry a sweeper ward and use it to clear vision to be able to gank from unexpected angles and secure objectives uncontested. While the lack of a trinket to give you wards might seem hard to overcome, you can bypass this weakness by having vision wards so you can dash towards something if needed.



  • Invisibility on a short cooldown
  • High burst damage
  • Can split push to great effect


  • Needs to gank constantly to maintain relevance in the game
  • Weak teamfighter

Shaco has silently risen in popularity since Patch 11.2 while others meta junglers were nerfed. He’s a gank-heavy jungler who excels at pouncing on immobile champions and punishing their aggressive playstyle. While he’s strong right now with the new items, he does need to maintain a constant level of ganks to be useful. In the later stages of the game, he can be an amazing split pusher that takes down towers in the blink of an eye.

Item build

The most successful rune page for Shaco is the Domination primary with Precision as a secondary page. Domination gives you access to Hail of Blades, alongside Sudden Impact, which is a great source of damage early on to snowball. Eyeball Collection will empower your attack damage with every takedown and Ravenous Hunter acts as a good source of sustain in the jungle early on.

The secondary Precision tree gives you access to Legend: Alacrity for more fluid auto attacks and Coup de Grace for the additional damage against low-health targets.

Ability priority

Shaco’s skill priority is R>E>Q>W. You want to max your E first since it’s your main source of damage in the jungle and during ganks. Afterward, maxing Q for the lower cooldown on invisibility allows you to sneak behind enemies more often. W is maxed last since with your AD oriented build, it won’t do that much damage.

Game plan

Shaco is an assassin jungler who focuses on ganking as often as he can and punishing overextended enemies. You’ll want to take the combination of Smite and Ignite in most of your games to have kill pressure. Focus on building various lethality items to ignore the armor from squishy champions and delete them from the Rift in the blink of an eye. Early on, with some help from your laners, you can do multiple jungle camps while the enemy jungler is doing their buff, then go for a direct level two gank on unaware laners or invade the enemy jungler.

With your Ignite, you should easily be able to pick up early kills due to the high damage you have while enemies are under-leveled. If you don’t succeed but force a summoner spell, try to redo the gank and punish the Flash-less enemy. As the game goes by, look to maintain relevance by constantly ganking opponents. In the late game, split push and ambush your opponent’s carries. Don’t try to group up since you’re a mediocre teamfighter and don’t bring a lot to the table in that regard compared to other junglers.



  • Six abilities at level three
  • Untargetability via spider form E ability
  • Strong burst damage


  • Hard to come back if behind
  • Gets outscalled by other meta junglers

Elise is one of the most popular AP junglers who excels at snowballing the game early on. If you fail to snowball, however, you’re most likely going to become a crowd-control bot.

Elise can exploit enemies starting from level three where she gets access to three human-form abilities and three spider-form abilities.The ability to become untargetable allows for early dives on low-health opponents while minimizing the risk of dying to a tower.

Item build

Elise uses the Domination tree. It grants her access to additional damage from Electrocute, Cheap Shot, and Eyeball Collection, which synergizes well with Elise’s burst damage. Relentless Hunter makes you mobile and allows you to roam the map much faster.

The Sorcery secondary synergizes well with the aggressive playstyle of Elise. Nimbus Cloak allows you to close the gap with enemies faster by using smite on them and Waterwalking lets you move around in the river and contest Scuttle Crabs early on.

Ability priority

Elise’s ability priority is R>Q>W>E. Your Q is your primary direct damaging tool. It serves as a good initiation tool when ganking to deal maximum percent health damage and acts as an execute when you go into spider form. W is maxed second for the additional burst damage, while E is maxed last since the additional damage acts better than the lower cooldown on your CC. The best CC is death.

Game plan

Elise is an aggressive jungler that should focus on roaming the map on a constant basis and invading the enemy jungler. You’re extremely strong early on due to having access to six abilities. Use that to your advantage and punish enemies who are out of position with swift ganks and dives under tower.

Contest the Scuttle Crabs early on with Waterwalking, which grants you additional movement speed and ability power while in the river. Focus on maintaining an aggressive playstyle and constant ganks. The moment you start focusing on farm is the moment you lose the game.

Elise doesn’t scale as well as other junglers and you should keep that in mind if you intend to go to the late game. Your goal is to build an advantage early on and allow your team to carry the game. If you aren’t able to build an early lead, however, look for creative flanks in the later stages of the game and avoid sticking around with your team since your utility won’t be as high compared to other junglers. By going for flanks and using your crowd control to surprise your enemies, you might be able to win teamfights and secure a path to victory.



  • Adaptive playstyle
  • Game-changing ultimate
  • Fun to play


  • Requires your team to pick a frontline in other positions
  • Hard to come back if behind

Kindred received some bugfixes and buffs over the past three patches, propelling her to a top five champion in the jungle position. She keeps tanks in check, while also managing to keep up with other meta champions in the jungle. With various playstyles and item builds, the champion is fun to play and rewarding to master. Her ultimate can change the course of an entire game even if you’re behind thousands of gold.

Item build

Kindred’s core tree is Precision since it grants her everything she wants to excel at dueling other champions. Conqueror is an amazing rune, granting you a lot of attack damage when fighting champions, and allowing you to heal a lot when it’s fully stacked as well. Triumph and Coup de Grace let you do more damage to lower health champions and get out of those pesky duels unharmed. Legend: Alacrity is a nice attack speed boost to make your attacks more fluid.

The secondary rune page is Domination due to Sudden Impact and Ravenous Hunter. The first one gives you a lot of armor and magic penetration whenever you use your dash, and the second one gives you Omnivamp to make you harder to kill.

Ability priority

Kindred’s skill priority is R>Q>W>E. Maxing Q allows you to clear camps quickly. Maxing W second is a priority to make you tougher to kill and increase your camp-taking potential to boot.. E is maxed last since it has lower utility compared to the other basic abilities.

Game plan

Kindred is a powerful ranged AD jungler, who excels at either farming up to become a monster in the mid-game or putting out a lot of pressure early on due to her huge mobility. She is a big threat and problem for the opposing team if left uncontrolled since she acts as either a secondary or even tertiary ADC, who sometimes can be much stronger than her teammates. 

With a lot of powerful build paths, Kindred is fun to play and adaptable to the current game state unlike other champions. She will stop the opposing team from picking tank champions in the jungle, since this will mean free reign for Kindred. Your primary goal whenever you pick Kindred is to try to farm up for a core Mythic item–either Kraken Slayer or Galeforce–as soon as possible. Either of the two amplifies your power dramatically and gives you a huge power boost during the mid-game. You’ll be able to easily pick up Scuttle Crabs, drakes, Heralds, or kills during your ganks against opposing champions.

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