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LCS Spring 2021 is now underway. With playoffs in sight, some teams are living up to expectations, while others are still a long way from contention. Here’s where teams stack up heading into Week 5.

In 2021, Dexerto is proud to present power rankings for League of Legends in the LCS. We will be tracking the performance of all the teams right here, considering their form, how they’ve performed with their strength of schedule, and more.

After a disappointing Worlds 2020, NA teams like Golden Guardians and FlyQuest heavily invested in rookie talent. However, the stage fright might be kicking in for some, having to contest big spenders like Cloud9 and TSM.

Who’s on top after Week 4, and primed to dominate in Week 5? Check out our power rankings for LCS Spring 2021 Week 5 below.

10. Golden Guardians (=)

Development roster coming along nicely

Golden Guardians are all-in on the Stixxay strategy, and it’s a respectable effort. However, they’re far out of contention for an LCS playoffs spot now. With another 0-3 weekend, it’s hard to see this developmental roster making playoffs like Ablazeolive told us back at Lock In.

Regardless of where Golden Guardians sit on the ladder though, or in our power rankings, you can still claim 2021 has so far been a success. With Iconic and Ablazeolive warming up to the LCS stage, they just need Newbie and Niles to come online to potentially pose a few upsets in Summer.

9. Counter Logic Gaming (=)

A potential Summer contender

CLG had a rough start to the week, but pounded back against Dignitas to end Week 4 strong. It was a much needed win, especially for Pobelter, whose spot was up in the air after two relatively poor performances. Even then, one can argue that benching rjs was the wrong play.

The squad isn’t a threat right now for Spring. However, come Summer, the pieces are coming together. Broxah is finding his feet, Finn is carrying from the top lane, and Wildturtle is showing shades of brilliance from years gone by. If the stars align, maybe CLG can start living up to the expectations many hoisted on them.

8. FlyQuest (-1)

No Diamond hands here

They say it’s hard being a CLG fan. I think being a FlyQuest fan in 2021 is harder. Up until Sunday, this team was looking like Josedeodo and Friends, with the Argentinian jungler breaking his back game-after-game for the squad with no return.

It’s hardly what many expected from a roster jammed with some of NA’s most hyped Academy talent. Palafox was certainly underperforming before now, but he’s slowly getting to the LCS quality many saw in him. Questions still surround Diamond’s place in the squad though, and come Summer, changes in the support department might be made.

7. Immortals (=)

Bot lane woes need solving

In our first power rankings of LCS Spring 2021, we mentioned how crucial Immortals’ bot lane would be to their success. That statement has proven to be true, but not in the way fans would hope. Raes has looked shaky in his LCS debut, and when the burden of carrying is on his shoulders, Immortals squander.

Not to dwell too much on the negatives, but Immortals need to find some stability and synergy in the bot lane if they want to make it to the post-season. The top side of the map is performing up to scratch ⁠— perhaps even exceeding expectations ⁠— but the stage fright in bot is hurting Immortals.

6. Evil Geniuses (=)

Playoffs-worthy, but not much else

There should be a clear distinction made between the Top 6 LCS teams, and the Bottom 4. While Evil Geniuses currently rest in sixth in our power rankings, you can barely split a hair between them and the rest. After all, there’s only one game between second (100 Thieves) and sixth (Liquid) on the ladder.

However, there’s one thing that needs to be pointed out. The hallmark of a great squad is how they perform against bad teams. With Evil Geniuses needing 40 minutes to beat both FlyQuest and Golden Guardians, questions do have to be raised (and were, against Cloud9) about how they’ll perform in playoffs against much harder opposition.

5. Liquid (-2)

From Lock In to this…

Should Liquid have finished Week 4 3-0? Probably. However, their game against TSM really showed the weaknesses of this squad in 2021. Tactical, as the hyper-carry Tristana, found himself out of position way more than Lost, and ultimately that cost Liquid the game.

They closed out on Immortals and FlyQuest easily and convincingly, including great, well-rounded performances from Alphari and Jensen. CoreJJ is finally starting to get back into MVP form too. However, Liquid’s road to the top is still long ⁠— much longer than we thought after Lock In.

4. Dignitas (=)

“No imports no imports no imports”

Dignitas (or should we say, DigNAtas) had a pretty average week, but losing to CLG on Sunday definitely sours the mood. If anything, it showed just how fragile this roster is when it comes to getting individually outclassed, especially in the solo lanes.

Yes, Dignitas’ lineup is greater than the sum of its parts. That doesn’t mean they can’t be exploited though. Dardoch and Aphromoo can only do so much from jungle and support, and if the carries fall behind, life gets tough. Dignitas has done a great job so far of avoiding this for the most part, but it’s something to be mindful of heading into playoffs.

3. 100 Thieves (+2)

Set the 40-minute timer and wait

100 Thieves have yo-yo’d their way back into the Top 3 of our power rankings, which really goes to show how volatile the Top 6 is. I don’t think there’s a better late-game fighting team in the LCS right now ⁠— and you’d hope so, given all the practice they get on stage by running games to 40 minutes or longer.

They have to get to the late game first though, and that’s where 100 Thieves struggle. Cloud9 and CLG blitzed them, and while they were able to stall out the latter, against good teams, there won’t be that window. If 100 Thieves can sure up their early game, they’ll rise up the ladder, and our power rankings.

2. TSM (=)

A worthy contender

Just when you think TSM are going to be number one, they disappoint you. That loss to FlyQuest especially hurt. However, it seemed like more of an isolated incident. FlyQuest targeted PowerOfEvil, and it paid off.

A big hats off has to go to Lost, who has across the last four weeks cemented himself as a mainstay in the LCS bot lane. He’s linking up well with SwordArt, and come Summer, TSM might be the team to beat with the tactician and Worlds 2020 finalist on their side.

1. Cloud9 (=)

A clear front-runner

Okay, maybe there is a bit of a gap in the Top 6. Cloud9 is still a cut above the rest of the LCS competition, and they showed that with two sub-30 minute thrashings in Week 4.

There’s two big things to highlight in Cloud9’s performances. The first is that Fudge might be the most versatile top laner in the LCS, with the highest skill cap. His turnaround from Week 1 to now has been absurd, smashing everyone in the league with champs from Karma to Camille to Malphite (ironically, three things he picked last week).

The second is that Blaber is finding his MVP form again. The jungler is linking up with Perkz like no other mid-jungle duo in the league. They’ve obviously found the formula, and they’re right to abuse it.

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