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With no MSI this year, fans of Korean League of Legends has had to wait a little bit longer to see some of the top teams in the world on the rift. And when opening its Summer Split, the LCK went all out with its hype video.

The LCK brought fans into an animated world featuring some of the league’s biggest stars waging war against each other. As other players began to fight, Faker, the best player in the history of League, rose from his throne and went into battle as well, ending the video.

Fans seemed to love the teaser as the LCK returns from a nearly two-month break. T1 swept Gen.G in the finals of the LCK Spring Playoffs on April 25, which in normal circumstances would have meant T1 would advance to the main event of MSI. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Riot Games canceled the event on April 23 after initially postponing it to sometime in July.

The LCK, like all of the other major regional leagues, went to an online-only format amid the pandemic to reduce the interaction between players, coaches, and LCK staff. The league indefinitely postponed matches during the fifth week of the split before resuming nearly three weeks after the postponement.

With Riot saying it still plans to host Worlds 2020 in China later this year, the LCK teams will be fighting for their chance to get to the biggest tournament of the year. The champion of the summer playoffs will automatically earn an invite to the end-of-season event, while the teams between second and fifth will earn a certain number of Championship Points.

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