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“This is the buff Kai’Sa needs.”

Another day, another hilarious meme.

League of Legends principal champ designer August Browning followed up yesterday’s Skarner “buff” with a Kai’Sa meme today. And this time, Nautilus is back.

Kai’Sa’s ultimate allows her to swiftly dash to a target location near an enemy affected by the Plasma passive. While it’s a great repositioning tool for the AD carry, Browning’s hilarious tweak turns her into Nautilus. The Titan of the Depths emerges from Kai’Sa, slinging anchors and stunning enemies.

Riot began creating these iterations after fans complained about Nautilus’ Q hitbox. The first meme changed Dredge Line so that it took up the entire mid lane. Another one turned Wukong’s clone into two Nautiluses. A third made Udyr’s Phoenix Stance summon two Anivias and one Nautilus to fight by his side.

Kai’Sa should be getting nerfed in the upcoming Patch 11.4. Gameplay design director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed those changes yesterday, which will lower the damage of her Icathian Rain (Q).

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