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Rookie led his team to another victory.

Invictus Gaming reverse swept EDward Gaming today during the third week of the LPL’s 2020 Summer Split in a well-fought League of Legends series, which lasted over two hours.

Rookie carried his team on his back, almost turning around the first game in the first game on Orianna. Even though the first game was lost, Rookie did not become demoralized after his performance and came into the second and third games even stronger on Syndra and LeBlanc, securing another series win for his team.

The first game began with a stale mate between both teams. While EDG acquired an early lead and secured the Ocean Dragon Soul, they lacked the determination to actually push and end the game. EDG took three inhibitors from IG and then went for the safe Baron play at the 50-minute mark.

After Rookie got caught, the game seemed over since IG lacked other wave clear abilities to deal with EDG’s onslaught.

The second game was much better for IG, they managed to secure early leads in every lane which snowballed to a huge gold advantage. The first pick Syndra for Rookie paid off a lot of dividends, considering how strong he became after the laning phase and what a huge threat he was for EDG’s comp.

IG secured every single neutral objective, picking up the Baron as well at the 20-minute mark. With the Baron they went to push the top lane alongside minions, but EDG tried to riposte. After an unsuccessful engage by EDG, they faltered to IG’s might and lost the game.

The third game was quite close with both teams trading neutral objectives early on with no clear winner out of these exchanges. As the game went by, IG’s comp seemed superior due to having Kayle in the top lane, a monster of a champion who becomes godlike once she reaches level 16. While EDG was going even in fights, once Kayle reached 16 it was game over for them and they lost the series.

IG finished the Spring Split regular season in first place but came short during the playoffs, losing to FunPlus Phoenix in the third-place deciders. They kept swapping between their junglers last split but decided to settle with former world champion Ning for the summer.

IG will face LGD and FPX next week, both top four teams, for their next two matches. If they win both, they will make a good case to be in the top of the LPL’s Summer Split standings. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel next week to catch IG live and in action.

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