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Jankos had a great game on Rek’Sai.

Breathe easy, G2 Esports fans. After a dominant performance against Schalke 04 today, the defending LEC champions are back in the win column following a disappointing first week of the Summer Split.

The League of Legends team bounced back successfully from their odd form last week. Superstar jungler Jankos, for example, maintained smart map movement and decision-making on Rek’Sai throughout the 31-minute game, collecting six kills and three assists. His efforts also helped him grab the Player of the Match honors for his team.

Another big contribution for G2 came from Wunder in the top lane. Although his KDA wasn’t too impressive, his ability to zone away Odoamne and prevent him from farming allowed his team to completely overpower him in the later teamfights. Even Caps had a dragon steal that helped push his team right into the driver’s seat around the 22-minute mark.

Overall, G2 found their form just in time for this week’s matches. Schalke, on the other hand, still haven’t completely locked down their strategy for late-game situations. They had some bright spots throughout the game, but ultimately, they couldn’t overcome G2’s mechanical prowess.

G2 will have another test of strength tomorrow when they face off against a surging Rogue squad that’s won every game of the split so far. Although some fans may argue that their schedule hasn’t been too difficult, you can’t deny that the young roster has been performing well in each of their games.

Meanwhile, Schalke will try their hand at another struggling team in Misfits Gaming. Both teams seemingly haven’t found their strides just yet, but this match could help one of them regain confidence moving forward in the 2020 Summer Split.

The LEC will continue tomorrow, June 20 at 10am CT.

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