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G2 are back with full force.

G2 Esports have bounced back in week two of the League of Legends European Championshipafter a poor 1-2 start of the split. They won their game yesterday against Schalke 04 and continued their spree with a win today over Rogue.

Caps received the MVP vote after a marvelous performance on Twisted Fate, a mid laner which has been prioritized lately in all regions. He snowballed all lanes and maintained constant pressure on Rogue by split-pushing with his AP-oriented build.

While most players prefer the AP version of Twisted Fate, Fnatic’s mid laner Nemesis seems to find the most success with an AD or hybrid version.

While all G2 players were on point with team calls, the individual performances of the top side, jungle, and mid lane brought a lot of dividends for G2’s chances at a victory.

G2’s Jankos focused the early dragons, bringing his team closer to the Dragon Soul as time went by. His aggressive moves helped Caps win the mid lane and roam later on once he reached level six.

Caps and Wunder won their laning phases and helped their bottom lane to get a lead as well to have an easier time at reaching a victory.

The game ended after Hans Sama got caught near the bottom lane inhibitor by a Nautilus hook. All G2 players followed up with flashes to delete the Aphelios, nicknamed the “200 years champion” for his kit and insane damage capability.

Rogue should be proud of themselves even though they’ve lost this. They started the season with four wins and a loss only to G2, the defending LEC champs. While their upcoming schedule might be more difficult, they have some clear weaknesses which were exploited this game and could learn from them to prepare better for next week’s matches.

This win cements G2’s fourth-place position after two weeks of the LEC and makes a good case of G2 returning to their dominant form. While their schedule has not been difficult, it will increase in difficulty beginning next week.

G2 have two challenges next week in SK Gaming and Fnatic. While the rivalry with Fnatic is clear and will be a hard match, SK Gaming could pull an upset after their latest offseason roster changes and improved gameplay they’ve shown since the start of the split.

Tune in next week to see if G2 can maintain the winning spree and take down their rivals and the emerging SK Gaming.

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