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A big surprise by Riot hit the VALORANT-Community: The full game will launch soon! Also closed beta will end in the days to come.

VALORANT will be launched on 2nd of June. The currently running closed beta will end on May 28th. People can still be granted access by watching streams on Twitch and linking their accounts.

The launch was announced by Riot-staff Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler via Twitter.

The first estimates for the official release were dated for “Summer 2020”. Now the game will launch sooner than expected. It will be free-to-play similar to other Riot Games like League of Legends. VALORANT will be PC-only.

After the initial release, new content will be added over time. A new agent as well as a new gamemode and a new map has been announced.

The team is also working on adding servers in new regions. “On our current short-term roadmap is to get new game server deployments in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas”, the dev team said. Some players have to play games in the wrong region currently. That behaviour will also be adressed.

The detailed FAQ can be found on Riot Games’ own website.

Beta progression

All progress from closed beta will be reset to ensure a level playing field for all players. That also means your skins and unlocked agents will be wiped. All VALORANT-points you’ve spent will be refunded with an additional 20 percent bonus.

Closed beta will end May 28th, all servers will also go offline in preparation for the release.

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