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Sexual Harassment and other allegations are being made against industry players and talent alike, and those found guilty have effectively been outcast from the community for such despicable act.

Dota 2

A lot has been happening since the past two weeks. Women across the industry are coming out with sexual harassment charges leveled up against some of the big names aka the power yielding personalities in the scene; casters and professional players alike.

Few of such names in Dota 2 against whom sexual harassment charges were brought up are Toby “TobiWan” Dawson, Grant “GrandGrant” Harris, Jimmy “Demon” Ho, Andrew “Zyori” Campbell — to name a few.

Toby “TobiWan” Dawson

Immediately after the accusations were made, Grant Harris recused himself from Dota 2 and esports scene in general after issuing an apology. However, Evil Geniuses and Beyond The Summit were quick to show him the door and release him from his employment with the latter also mentioning that they would never work with him again in the future.

Perhaps the most controversial outing has been of Toby Dawson, often touted as the voice of Dota. Many incidents have come to light regarding Toby’s past behaviour with women that describe him and the experience as a “creepy and an uncomfortable” situation to be in. Many have called out Toby on his sexual misconduct, dating back 10 years, and the community has been in a state of shock.

From Valve removing his voice lines from the Battle Pass to BTS and Code Red Esports releasing him from employment while simultaneously mentioning their decision on not working with him in the future, Toby has essentially been on the receiving end of the backlash in a huge way. This situation has not only resulted in the end of his close friendship with Synderen and Capitalist but also with other prominent personalities like Nahaz, ODPixel, Sheever — to name a few.

Similar is the case with Demon, ex professional Dota 2 player. Various organizations have announced their intentions of not working with him in the future.

It is safe to assume that Grant, Demon and Toby’s career in Dota 2 has come to an abrupt end.

The only person to leave relatively unscathed from this fiasco is Zyori, whose explanations and apology have made the most sense. He has the backing of the community as well the talent and we might just see more of him in the future.

That said, the shining beacon of light in the midst of this terrible situation is none other than SirActionSlacks. Take a look at this video, it says it all!

League of Legends

Unfortunately, the sexual misconduct has reached the League of Legends sphere, as Jeffrey Lin, otherwise known as Riot Lyte, had constructed a mentally abusive relationship with a streamer. In another sexual allegation, previous LoL EU shoutcaster Joe Miller has been under fire as well. Lastly, esports lawyer Ryan Morrison had verbal abuse allegations levied against him.

In lighter news, Immortals have fired their general manager Keaton Cryer and head coach Zaboutine, after Immortals have received heavy criticism from the community on their roster decisions and poor play on stage. Now they have fielded their veteran jungler Xmithie, along with Apollo and Hakuho in the bot lane, and picked up their first win of the season this weekend against Golden Guardians.


Riot Games officially launched Ranked mode with the 1.02 update, live earlier this week. Although it was available in the beta, the ranked mode was not available at launch in order to allow Riot Games to enhance the system, and so new players could learn the game before going into competitive mode. There are, though, some changes from its initial version. The most remarkable one is its new name, Radiant instead of being referred to as Valorant, which seemed to create confusion among players.

The game’s most recent 1.02 patch might have improved the game’s performance overall, but several bugs have been identified. One of the most recent ones include headshots not being registered. Crouching is supposed to increase the accuracy of one’s aim. Registering headshots while crouching would be easier. The issue is that when you register a shot when crouching, the headshot can be felt, the head injury wound will be shown; however, due to this bug the shot is counted as a body shot instead.

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