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The ESI Digital Summit is the online version of the events EsportsPocket has become known for. Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities or discussions on pressing industry topics with leading industry figures, we have you covered.

Taking place over May 26-27th, the two-day event will feature over 80 speakers across two tracks – both of which will tackle emerging points of conversation. From investment, to betting, to the converge with traditional sports, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

With just over two weeks to go until ESI Digital Summit, let’s take a look at a handful of the speakers that you can both watch and engage with.

Just some of the speakers at the ESI Digital Summit

Anders Blume is a respected caster in the ever-popular world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, though he’s also the Creative Director of Skybox – a company that’s looking to change the game. Producing digital products that offer more depth than previously available, Blume could well be sitting on a gold mine.

Mika Kuusisto, CEO of ENCE Esports, has taken the Finnish organisation from being relatively-unknown into new heights: mainly through fielding competitors in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and StarCraft II. You can catch Kuusisto speaking on whether the industry should expect to see a fair bit of consolidation in 2020.

Erik Anderson, Head of Esports at FaZe Clan, knows what it’s like to lead the competitive division of an entertainment powerhouse – one that has a bevvy of heavyweights from the music industry on its roster of investors. With this in mind, there’s nobody better to speak on our panel that explores the very convergence of esports and music.

Moritz Maurer, CEO and Founder of GRID esports, has more than eight years of experience as a leader when it comes to the intricate intersection of esports, data, and betting. GRID is at the forefront of data utilisation in the industry, and Maurer will be joined by Pinnacle to explain the potential of their powerful partnership during ESI Digital Summit.

Moritz Maurer, GRID. Credit: jakhowardphoto

Skyler Johnson, Co-founder and Creative Director of CTRL, has been involved in esports in many forms. From playing Call of Duty competitively to founding Team Envy, he’s now a serial entrepreneur across esports and gaming – using his years of varied experience to navigate the industry in unique ways. Now running CTRL – a meal replacement that has gamers’ health in mind – Johnson will speak on ESI Digital Summit’s ‘Keeping Match Fit’ panel.

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