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OGA Dota PIT Online China division is approaching elimination matches in the playoffs stage, but before the lower bracket is set to take off, two teams have already claimed a spot into the finals.

PSG.LGD continue their undefeated streak in the tournament. They came into the playoffs as the top seed team of Group A, which granted them a spot straight into the semifinals. Their adversaries for a top-three finish were Royal Never Give Up, who placed just behind PSG.LGD in the group play and had to first takedown EHOME before advancing into the semifinals. The PSG.LGD vs RNG semifinal series went down in just about one hour, with a final score of 2-0 going in favour of Xu “fy” Linsen’s team. Game one victory was secured with a bloodthirsty Ursa wielding a full Abyssal Blade at the 20-minute mark. PSG.LGD’s strong laning stage was also secured by the offlane Bristtleback – Tusk duo, who started the game with Team Tag at level 1 and kept the pressure on RNG’s Oracle-Gyrocopter safe lane pair. RNG found themselves having to continuously defend towers from early stages in game two as well, as PSSG.LGD drafted a core Chen alongside Troll Warlord and Viper, and played a very objective focused game.

In the other semifinals, Team Aster went down 1-2 at the hands of Vici Gaming. Xiong “Pyw” Jiahan was the key factor in his team victory in the first and third game of the series. His Tusk from the opening match secured the initiations and the perfect kill set-ups for Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun’s Morphling, who was given a free path to take the control of the game. Aster bounced back in game two with an aura draft that featured a carry Vengeful Spirit, an offlane Beastmaster and a plethora of lockdown spells that kept VG controlled in all engagements. They tried a somewhat similar approach in game three, but had a carry Anti-Mage who got outmanoeuvred by VG’s support Mirana from Pyw and couldn’t stand his ground against Phantom Lancer, even when he had a Divine Rapier in his inventory.

With both VG and PSG.LGD advancing into the upper bracket finals, OGA Dota OIT Online China division will 09/MAY/2020, 17:00 with the first lower bracket rounds.

Team Aster vs. EHOME elimination series will start 08/MAY/2020 14:00 followed by Royal Never Give Up versus Invictus Gaming.

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