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On August 1, a patch was released for The International Battle Pass 2020 in which the developers updated its awards page. The changelog has been posted on Reddit.


Added Golden Awaleb’s Trundleweed and Golden Fin of the First Spear items to the Battle Pass 2020 rewards section, and fixed the display of the Emblem of Divinity;

In the quiz, the location of the icons has been adjusted to display the recharge of abilities.

The second Immortal Treasure for TI 2020 was released on July 25. It features 11 items, including rare wings for Jakiro, gold versions of items for Witch Doctor and Slardar, an incredibly rare set for Ursa, and a seasonal emblem. The Treasure has not affected the growth of the prize pool for The International 2020.

Valve previously added a command to Dota to speed up the loading of matches. According to the developers, the innovation should help users of weak PCs connect faster to the game.

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