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Valve is ready to receive more feedback on Artifact 2.0 and is going to roll out a specified questionnaire regarding red heroes for players who have access to the closed beta.

There is also an official Discord channel for Artifact that is available for anyone to join, but because there has been little to no moderation, that part of the update has been a lot messier.

Valve is aiming to take each portion of the game’s relaunch piece by piece, asking for specific feedback along with the open forms that were already available for its players. The same questions will be asked for all red heroes, and if you haven’t had much experience with a hero, you won’t be required to answer them.

Here are all of the questions that will be featured on that questionnaire.

  • Overall strength of hero
  • Hero’s Gameplay matches its identity
  • Excitement to pick/play this hero
  • Does hero create interesting situations
  • Is hero fun to play against

And while the questions are going out, players were also able to join the Artifact Beta 2.0 official Discord channel. And like with most Discord launches, there was an oversight in moderation during the first hour that allowed for copypasta to run rampant.

Since the messy launch, moderators have been added and brought things under control, which means players can now talk about the current state of the beta and other related topics in one central place.

It is unknown just how many of these specified questionnaires will be sent out before the next stage of the beta is released, but what we do know is that SirActionSlacks still can’t get into the game.

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