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Immortal Treasure II is now available

Immortal Treasure II have four heroes ultimates: Sven’s Vigil Odyssey, Magnus’ Eyes of Ardenok, Slardar’s Fin of the First Spear and last the bonus rare reward Jakiro’s Pyrexaec Forge.

If you have collected a lot of Immortal Treasure II , featuring all-new items for Magnus, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Sven, Silencer, Witch Doctor and Ursa Warrior . All Battle Pass owners can find an Immortal Treasure II ready to unbox in the Armory.

In addition to these items, each of these treasures you open also offers increasing odds of receiving a rare set of wings for Jakiro, a very rare Golden version of the Slardar or Witch Doctor items, or an ultra rare Ursa cub carrier. There’s even a cosmically rare chance you’ll discover a Divine Emblem.

You’ll have to advance through the Battle Pass through questing, or buying levels to unlock more Immortal Treasures.

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