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Topson’s highly-anticipated return to OG was the fans’ saving grace these past few weeks, but even when their mid player returned, OG still did not get the results they wanted. With a week of Groups at ESL One Birmingham Online, OG finished their run with a 1-6 series record.

For context, Group B had OG, Alliance, Ninjas in Pyjamas, VP.Prodigy, HellRaisers, Fly to Moon, Cyber Legacy, and Winstrike. Looking at the names alone, you’d expect that OG could easily secure a spot at the top 4. However, they have only won 5 out of their 18 games, resulting into OG’s exit as the sixth seed in their Group.

Ever since, OG had unconventional drafts, but this time, their opponents have figured them out, even the returning Chadson.

Topson is quickly shut down by FTM

In their first series against FTM, Topson showed up in his very first game as a Tiny mid. They won a 43-minute game under his 21/4/14 with a Blink, Ethereal, and Dagon build. Then in the following games, Topson played a mid Invoker and Clinkz where FTM shut him down at 6k and 8k networth along with the rest of OG.

OG’s only win

Their only series win was against the bottom seed – Winstrike. In their game 1 and game 3 wins, Topson had 8 deaths each as Invoker and Zeus, but even though he was focused, Topson gave OG the opportunity for return kills as he finished with 16 and 17 assists for those games. After the one-sided stomp from Winstrike in game 2, Topson performed well as his Zeus was the overall third highest networth in game 3.

A sweep from VP.Prodigy

Even though Topson Zeus kept safe distance from VP.Prodigy, him and OG was still destroyed in game 1 after a couple of crucial ganks favored VP.Prodigy, to give them the needed lead to close out the game. In the second game, OG played an offlane Bloodseeker and a mid Pangolier for Topson. With OG’s lack of hard disables, Topson was not able to do much this game as they are stomped by VP.Prodigy. Topson finished with 3/9/14 as they lose 2-0.

Topson almost carried OG to victory

In their series against HellRaisers, OG last-picked Topson’s Arc Warden. Needless to say, Topson showed up big time with his physical damage. In their game 1 win, Topson led the game with his 30k hero damage, 10k building damage, and 22k networth. However, Topson had one of his worst games as HR destroyed them in 34 minutes. Topson’s Monkey King was 1/11 and only had Yasha and Radiance. Heading into game 3, Topson’s Void Spirit stepped up and finished with 14/6/11 with a Divine Rapier, but after losing it, HR began to come back and take the series away from them.

Losing to Cyber Legacy

In game 1, OG replayed the Topson Arc Warden, but even though he dealt the most damage again, the sustain from CL’s draft was enough to defeat the rest of OG. In game 2, Topson bounced back with his mid Troll Warlord who dished out the most building damage to even the series. However, Topson’s Invoker was put down by CL’s last-pick Lone Druid. OG had the early lead, but well-coordinated fights gave CL the opportunity to take the lead and the series win.

Swept by NiP and Alliance

Their last two series was supposed to be the turning point for OG’s groups. However, both opposing squads brought action-packed games. OG kept up, but NiP and Alliance maintained their leads, giving OG no window to come back. In the end, OG loss to two dominant sweeps. Another interesting thing about OG is that in their last series against Alliance, they gave Topson Ancient Apparition mid. At this point they were already eliminated, but Topson still finished with 5/7/13 and 11/12/14 in the last two games.

Topson’s performance

In their 18 games, Topson averaged 5 kills, 6 deaths, and 9 assists. Decent for a returning player in the Pro scene, but not enough for a 100% TI Win rate.

Over those games, he seemed to have missed his signature heroes. He had three games each for Invoker and Arc Warden, while Tiny and Zeus followed with 2 games each. His highest KDA’s were on Troll on their game 2 against Cyber Legacy where he finished 7/2/11 and his mid AA in game 1 against Alliance with 5/7/13. In those games he tallied exactly 9 KDA, then the third highest one is at 8.75 in his first game back as Tiny. Meanwhile, his worst performances was his Clinkz and Monkey King that finished with 0.29 and 0.37. For comparison, Topson’s return had an average KDA of 3.7.

Even though OG had a bad run with their roster, its still fun to see Topson back in action. Given that this is their first tournament again, they might need some time to adjust because they could not find drafts that suit all their cores. Who knows, maybe we can see a stronger OG at the Blast Bounty Hunt Dota 2 in the coming days. Can OG arrange a more fitting return for Godson? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!

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