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  • TNC Predator defeats Team Dog 3-2 in a very close contest to win BTS Pro Series S4: SEA.
  • A very gruelling series as it was in the grand finals, TNC managed to come back after a 1-2 deficit to win the tourney.
  • This is TNC’s second tournament win in 2020 with the previous one coming in the form of ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia.

One of the final Dota 2 pro scene action in 2020 came to a close today, with BTS Pro Series S4 having its grand finals for SEA, EU/CIS, and the Americas. In the Southeast Asian region, TNC Predator emerged stronger in the Grand Finals to beat Team Dog 3-2 and claim the championship title. This is TNC’s second tournament win in 2020 with the first one coming in the form of ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia.

TNC Are Champions Of BTS Pro Series S4: SEA

TNC opened up the final day at BTS Pro Series with a hard-fought lower bracket final win over T1. They then faced the temporary stack consisting of iceiceice and Abed, Team Dog, in a revenge match from the Upper Bracket Finals.

Game 1 was a one-sided affair for the side of TNC as they played a quick game with their high mobile cores. Though Team Dog also had a solid draft, they just could not react fast enough to punish TNC’s top-level aggression. None of their cores could find enough farm and space to turn around the game as they tapped out in just 27 minutes.

Game 2 witnessed Gabbi with a disastrous opening on Morphling as he got killed four times in the first six minutes. iceiceice played amazingly well on an offlane Viper as he ran around the map with an early Boots of Travel, killing heroes and creating a lot of space for inYourdreaM’s Anti-Mage. TNC was too weak in the game as they lost it in 39 minutes.

Things went downhill very rapidly for the side of TNC in Game 3 as they got destroyed by the cores of Team Dog, right from the laning phase. Abed delivered a magnificent performance on a mid Storm Spirit while inYourdreaM went deathless with eight kills on a safe lane Troll Warlord. Team Dog played a fast game to end it in just 28 minutes.

Game 4 was much quieter in terms of fighting, but whenever any teamfights took place, TNC always got the better of their opponents. iceiceice’s Enigma could not pull off the required massive comeback as TNC played extraordinary well as a team to end Game 4 in 43 minutes to level up the series 2-2.

TNC won the tournament in absolute style as they stomped Team Dog in Game 5. TNC showcased some impeccable Dota 2 gameplay in the tournament’s final game to take down Team Dog in 25 minutes and win the Grand Finals 3-2.

TNC Predator, after a rough year as per their set standards, will be delighted to end it on a high note. They had their captain, March, removed in late September, which led to many mixed opinions on the team’s future. But they have justified the fact that they are one of the best in the region by winning this title and will now look to reset and then strike back hard once DPC resumes in January 2021.

For the temporary stack of Team Dog, they will take the runner-ups spot with open hands. With a mix of free agents and players on inactive teams, this second spot in the tournament will be like a Christmas present. Historically, 4Fun stacks like Among Us in the SEA region have put on some great showings which might lead to some of the free-agents banding together as a team for the upcoming DPC season.

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