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The International 2020 Dota 2 prize pool exceeded RM64 Million ($15 Million). To achieve this result, it took 20 days from the launch of Battle Pass 2020. Last year, this amount was collected in 20 days and 20 hours.

The starting prize pool of TI10 was RM6.84 ($ 1.6 million). The remaining amount is generated by users who purchase the compendium and its levels.

On June 12, Valve released the Arcana for Queen of Pain. All owners of the compendium of level 445 and above will receive it. In addition to the new hero model, the Eminence of Ristul also includes unique icons, portraits, and an icon on the minimap.

The Battle Pass 2020 was released on the evening of May 25th. With him, Valve introduced Immortal Treasure items, added a guild system, a new set of tests, and other functions.

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