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Team Liquid crushed OG in a domineering show of force in the OGA Dota Pit Online today, winning 2-0 to secure themselves a grand final matchup with the still-undefeated Team Secret.

Liquid used OG’s blitzkrieg style against themselves through the series. INSaNiA and his squad was always ready to rotate whenever OG dived, making the two-time The International champions far overstay their welcome and suffer more casualties than necessary.

The first game saw Liquid accruing an advantage from start to finish as they handily won the laning stage, causing OG’s net worth to suffer immensely.

Of course, OG weren’t quite ready to give up just yet, but Liquid were always ready to fight fire with water. When OG descended, Liquid countered with incredibly high burst damage cores in Queen of Pain and Morphling, who swiftly crumbled OG’s paltry defenses.

Liquid’s cores continued to dominate the net worth charts and craft new items at an alarming rate, and they quickly turned the aggressors. OG mustered a scant retaliation, but after getting wiped out while only managing to scrounge a single support kill, OG conceded in less than half an hour.

Game two saw the game begin terribly for OG’s MidOne, whose Monkey King was killed repeatedly in the laning stage thanks to an aggressive trilane from Liquid. It prompted OG to repeatedly switch lanes, but MidOne’s Monkey King would never recover, ending the game with zero kills and 12 deaths.

OG’s eggs were placed in the Ceb basket, who benefited from having a solo lane. The off laner dictated the tempo his crew, orchestrating much of OG’s first incursions into enemy territory. As always, Liquid were prepared, and while they were unable to take down the Timbersaw for most of the game, they answered by killing everybody else a whole lot.

While the kill score looked bleak for OG, the back-to-back TI champions were keeping the game state at a surprisingly even keel. The threat of a powerful push spearheaded by Leshrac’s Diabolic Edict was always possible, and OG continued to play to win.

After picking off Liquid’s supports, OG pressed the attack and stormed up Liquid’s high ground. As the fight progressed, Liquid’s Razor, Void Spirit, and position five Rubick systematically tore through OG, repelling and sending all of their opponents to the grave.

With the tides now firmly in their favor, Liquid surfed the momentum into yet another team wipe, this time in OG’s own base. Without any bodies left to throw in the battle, OG conceded, and exit the tournament in third place.

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