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Team Secret earned their first win at OGA Dota Pit Online today with a swift and decisive 2-0 victory against Virtus Pro. This marks Secret’s 15th straight win, with their last loss coming against a surging Team Liquid at the WePlay! Pushka League in April.

This series takes place between the two most recent premier tournament winners. Secret won the WePlay! Pushka League yesterday without losing a single game through the playoffs, while VP were crowned champions at the ESL One Los Angeles Online league, beating out OG in a hard-fought series that went the distance.

Somehow, both teams managed to avoid each other throughout the entirety of their championship runs. Their last series, won by Secret, came at the WePlay! Mad Moon event in February.

Game one saw a tense laning stage between the two sides. A crucial battle in the bottom lane quickly swung things into Secret’s favor. Nisha’s Storm Spirit cleaned up a simple triple kill with the help of his full team’s rotation.

Secret proceeded to constrict VP into submission. The CIS squad couldn’t help but hemorrhage kills to the long-distance Storm Spirit and Monkey King threat and Secret were always ready to bring the extra people needed for a kill. Unable to see an opportunity for a comeback, VP conceeded the game early without even losing a single tier-three tower.

VP started the second game hot, greatly aided by no[o]ne’s domineering presence in the early game with an active Nature’s Prophet. Confident in their power, VP committed an ill-advised dive while mounting a push on the bottom lane, expending their ultimates on a lost fight.

Secret briskly capitalized on the opportunity to turn the tides and rushed to the Roshan pit. VP’s half-hearted defense attempt along with YapzOr’s pristine Rubick play caused the CIS squad to lose even more ground.

As the game wore on, VP were unable to make a serious dent into the Troll Warlord siege machine. MATUMBAMAN was free to hit structures as he wished, being quickly healed up with the Necrophos and Abbadon behind him. It didn’t take too long for VP’s structures to crumble and accept the series loss.

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