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OG were no match for the invincible Team Secret in the upper bracket finals of the OGA Dota PIT Online today. Secret continued their undefeated streak at the Dota 2 event, putting OG to the sword in a series that lasted less than an hour.

The two-time The International champions OG looked utterly clueless and were thoroughly outclassed in two games.

The first game saw OG draft themselves into a pickle. Secret’s Bloodseeker last pick exposed OG’s draft vulnerabilities, a draft that greatly relied on in-and-out fights with Pangolier and Dark Seer.

OG were forced to send MidOne to the mid lane on an Earthshaker, who promptly got destroyed by Nisha’s Queen of Pain. OG’s other lanes also quickly fell into disarray and it looked like the back-to-back TI champions had four supports by the end of the laning stage.

Secret picked up efficient items in an effort to continuously pressure SumaiL’s Alchemist, who was OG’s only chance at coming back into the game. Secret were still miles ahead on the net worth chart, with MidOne proving to be inconsequential after a terrible laning phase. Nisha even had plenty of time to execute a flawless 720-degree pirouette, rubbing salt into the gaping wounds of OG.

Game two saw OG toning back their personal flavor, but they still picked up some unconventional supports in Abbadon and Doom. The game started on a much more even footing with MidOne managing to draw his lane with excellent Void Spirit play, such as dodging the opposing Queen of Pain’s Shadow Strike even while playing at a massive ping disadvantage.

But when Secret turned up the heat once again, OG were unable to dampen the flames. SumaiL was particularly hard hit, experiencing death in practically every melee, and his net worth suffered tremendously as a result.

Secret’s extraordinary ability to distribute farm reared its head once again. Even with a Doom on OG’s side, Secret’s supports were keeping up with the opponents’ cores. Ceb’s Nature’s Prophet was the only hero not languishing at the bottom.

Secret vacuumed resources off the map hungrily, leaving OG with scraps. The malnourished OG found themselves unable to stave off hunger and their fed enemies, succumbing to yet another monstrous Secret performance.

This victory marks Secret’s 15th series win in a row and puts their win-loss record in the past three tournaments at 39-4. Having already lifted the trophy at the WePlay! Pushka League and the Gamers Without Borders tournament, Secret are looking to three-peat after securing their grand finals berth at OGA Dota PIT.

If OG have enough fuel in the tank, they can muster another shot at the king tomorrow. First, they’ll need to go through a surging Team Liquid in the lower bracket finals, which is scheduled to start today at 20:00 MYT.

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