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With his three accounts included in the Top 20 EU Rank Leaderboards, Martin “Saksa” Sazdov joins the prestigious 10k club.

In his tweet, OG’s position 4 announced his MMR milestone as he reached exactly 10020 MMR.

Playing for at least 10 teams throughout his six-year professional career, the tallest Dota 2 pro is now known for his impressive position 4 plays that helped OG finish second in the recent ESL LA Online EU/CIS League. Although they did not make it to the Playoffs of the WePlay Pushka League, Saksa still showed amazing plays in their victories.

Upon checking the profile Saksa posted, his Dotabuff Profile showed that it is currently Rank 4 Immortal and after verifying it in the official Dota 2 Leaderboards for Europe, the account that reached 10k is his second smurf named fakefakesaksa.

Following this achievement, Saksa is technically the third player in OG to reach this milestone as Sumail returned to 10k earlier this year, while MidOne is one of the first pros to reach 10k in 2017.

With one of his three accounts reaching 10k, will Saksa take his other accounts to 10k as well?

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