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OG stood tall after a grueling series against Nigma today at the Gamers Without Borders Dota 2 tournament. N0tail and his squad ended with a 2-1 win, prevailing in a quick game one and even game three that saw both teams clash time and time again throughout the match.


Nigma fully committed to a timing push in the first game, picking up three pushing cores in Lycan, Visage, and Pugna. OG were content to sit back, farm, and soak up the pressure. After one well-executed teamfight with their long list of AoE damage and control, the two-time The International champions took firm control of the game.

While OG experienced some hiccups afterward with a few overaggressive dives, Nigma’s timing window had already been shattered. All three of OG’s cores stood comfortably on top of the net worth charts and it didn’t take too long for OG to steady the ship and wreck the base with Luna’s Moon Glaives.


The second game started with countless rotations from both teams in the laning stage to try and secure farm for the ailing MidOne Invoker and Miracle-’s Ember Spirit. The big winner was MinD_ContRoL’s Necrophos, who had free rein of the map and allowed Miracle- to slowly catch up.

Meanwhile, OG were completely reliant on SumaiL’s Monkey King. Their Invoker was thoroughly neutered, while Ceb’s Dragon Knight had opted for a non-scaling build. Nigma had found their teamfight target and focused on making the life of OG’s carry as tough as possible.

KuroKy’s Winter Wyvern prevented SumaiL from dealing physical damage with Cold Embrace and Winter’s Curse. Plus, Miracle-’s Spirit Vessel hobbled the Monkey King’s ability to lifesteal with Jingu Mastery, rendering SumaiL ultimately ineffective down the line.


Game three saw both teams committing for powerful teamfights. OG had the position five Enigma on their side, while Nigma had Earthshaker and a Rubick insurance policy. The two teams butted heads repeatedly, refusing to give an inch to each other. OG pulled ahead in farm, largely thanks to SumaiL’s Naga Siren, while Nigma gained a lead in experience and kills with Miracle-’s Storm Spirit and w33’s Bloodseeker picking up the lion’s share.

While both teams were aware of the big ultimates, the fighting didn’t let up. Both teams had their fair share of miscues and misplays as the threat of the Black Hole and Rubick’s ability to steal it loomed large in each team’s mind. But, surprisingly, it never came down to a battle between the two.

The best teamfight that OG found was one where both of their supports had perished. Facing a three-vs-five situation, OG’s three cores still managed to overpower Nigma, forcing KuroKy’s team to retreat. SumaiL and crew boldly marched up Nigma’s high ground and managed to force multiple buybacks while disengaging cleanly with a Song of the Siren.

SumaiL’s Naga had reached epic proportions. OG kept the wind in their sails and secured the Aegis for their own carry. Nigma couldn’t break through SumaiL, who cleaned out the enemy base with ease.

OG move on to face Natus Vincere in the semifinals. Nigma have been eliminated from the competition, but will still get to pick a charity of choice to donate their RM216K ($50,000) share of the prize pool.

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