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OG lost its first game at the OGA Dota PIT against spirited challengers FlyToMoon, but it didn’t take long for the two-time The International champions to bounce back in the following two games, winning the series and securing a berth in the playoffs.

The series win means that OG has beaten all the other teams in Group A, confirming themselves as the top seed with an 8-1 match record.

Game one was a trashing of OG, led by FlyToMoon’s Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko godlike Queen of Pain. The Ukrainian mid laner crushed his counterpart in the laning stage before focusing his efforts on incessant rotations and teamfights.

OG had fearsome teamfight combos with Naga and Disruptor along with an Earthshaker. FlyToMoon did well to dampen their effects, however, terminating OG’s key heroes with extreme prejudice, preventing OG from ever executing their game plan and handed the back-to-back TI champions their first loss of the tournament.

After a small break, OG immediately headed into the second game with a fresh reset. Putting the loss at the back of their minds, OG went back to what they knew best: speed.

Picking up a massive push strategy with Chen, Luna, and Beastmaster, OG challenged FlyToMoon to take the fight through their zoo of summons, in which the CIS squad was not up to task. Aided by the continuously disruptive MidOne’s Quas-Wex Invoker and Saksa’s Earthshaker, FlyToMoon was unable to withstand the barrage of bodies and conceded swiftly.

The third game was a much more even affair from both sides. The two teams traded kills throughout the games, and neither team was really able to secure a decisive advantage in the mid-game.

As the match approached the later stages, however, it was clear that SumaiL would eventually become king. FlyToMoon had just one answer to his Faceless Void’s Chronosphere with the Weaver’s upgraded Time Lapse, but SumaiL’s usage of his ultimate was stringent and effective, consistently catching multiple FlyToMoon heroes and ensuring that they were never able to part of the fight.

The CIS squad tried to capitalize whenever Chronosphere was down, but were not quite able to shut down OG’s cores. After expending multiple buybacks and still losing the top lane of barracks, FlyToMoon mustered one last-ditch attempt to contest the Roshan

Iceberg’s Queen of Pain committed his ultimate Sonic Wave on SumaiL, which was unfortunately backtracked thanks to Faceless Void’s level 25 talent. With the biggest burst threat on cooldown, SumaiL reigned freely over the ensuing fight, with his extreme bulk proving too much for FlyToMoon to chew through.

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