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Some heroes with rising usage have received a few early tweaks.

Just minutes after the Beyond the Summit’s BTS Pro Series 7: Americas wrapped up, Valve released a small update for Dota 2 to further balance patch 7.30 that was released on Aug. 17. 

The 7.30b update is nothing huge, but it does deal with some worrying things players were starting to see in the game post-patch, such as the surge in usage and win rate for some overbuffed heroes.

Lycan was actually one of the least picked heroes throughout patch 7.29, sitting at around 1 percent pick rate and the third-lowest win rate prior to the most recent update. In 7.30, he has slowly seen usage increase and boasts a 54 percent win rate, the third-highest for the patch over 104,000 matches, according to Dotabuff.

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