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Just a few days ago, Fnatic’s position 1, 23Savage reached his goal of 10k MMR. Now their position 5, Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong joins him and the rest of the 10k club.

Through Twitter, the Thai position 5 simply tweeted a heart emoji over a picture of his Dota Profile that showed his mmr at 10020.

Looking at his hero stats, his most played are mid heroes. This is because he played mid in 2015 under Signature.Trust and then he left in 2016 to join Iceiceice in Team Faceless. Team Faceless had great showings, but their poor performances against other regions caused a role switch. Jabz moved to position 4 to make way for Black in the mid lane.

After a year in Team Faceless, Jabz and Iceiceice left for Mineski, where they managed to win the Dota Asia Championships in 2018 against LGD, but quickly fell against Virtus.Pro in that year’s The International where they finished 9th-12th.

After that, the two moved to Fnatic but even though they had underwhelming performances, Jabz led Fnatic with his captainship to three tournament wins this year namely the Dota Summit 12, ESL LA Online Leagues SEA, and the BTS Pro Series SEA.

With his excellent support plays and shot-calling in-game, Jabz truly deserves a spot at the 10k club. Which Fnatic member do you think will join them? Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for more!

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