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Not only is Iceiceice the proclaimed king of trolls but recently, he just earned the title as the King of Mind Games as well.

If there’s one person who approves mind games in DOTA2, it’s Notail with his catchphrase “Anything can work”. But definitely not Midone’s Enigma.

It’s the ESL Birmingham 2020, the SEA regional. In the first game of the grand finals, although Fnatic had the significant lead, BOOM Esports did a great job playing hard-to-catch, constantly split-pushing from lane to lane.

After several times, Iceiceice seemingly had enough of their ridiculous games and does a next level bait. All he had to do was channel teleport in front of the enemy Dragon Knight and Spectre, who took the bait without hesitation.

Little did they know, 23savage’s Faceless Void was nearby to use Chronosphere on both of them, catching them off-guard. The Dragon Knight was left to use BKB but did not have mana to escape anymore. The play was certainly the play of the game as Dragon knight did not have buyback and was out of the game for a good.

However, the play became so much more impactful when you realized that BOOM Esports’ Spectre used Haunt while Dragon Knight used Dragon Form for their attempt to kill Iceiceice’s Furion. That opened up for Fnatic to push aggressively into BOOM’s base as they know.

Fnatic is SEA’s Best?

While TNC Predator still holds the title and rank as the team with highest DPC points worldwide, there’s no doubt that Fnatic themselves are looking sharp after what felt like post-TI9 poor performance. Thankfully, Fnatic is looking great just like PSG.LGD who recently won China Dota2 Professional League Season 2.

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