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Wei – Anti Mage’s Female persona was released earlier this week for TI10 Battle Pass owners. Although the reception to this new cosmetic seems to be largely mixed with many criticizing the lack of particle effects, one aspect that was universally praised by Dota 2 fans was the voice acting. The responses are brilliantly voiced out and contain a ton of new lore implications as well as hints of potential new heroes and game modes.

Although there are tons of new information in these voice lines, we’ve only picked out a select few that we found interesting, or hilarious.

Hints of A New Hero in Dota 2?

The most interesting part of Wei the Female Anti Mage Persona’s voice lines are her responses to ally or enemy heroes. The most interesting of these are the ones that have not been assigned to her at the moment. These are likely reserved for future new heroes.

The most interesting and revealing ones are four lines that are seemingly targeted at a kid (likely a new hero). No, it is likely not targetted at Invoker’s Acolyte of the Lost Arts Persona (aka the kid Invoker), these responses were not triggered when we tested it.

  • The four lines in Wei the Female Anti Mage Persona:


  • Alright kid, if you ask nicely, I’ll let you be my ward.
  • Stick with me kid, I won’t let them hurt you.


  • Oh, killing that kid was a lot less emotionally stressful than I thought it would be.
  • It’s past your bedtime kid.

So these hint that there is a new upcoming hero who is a kid. With this knowledge in hand, a glimpse at the recent Wraith King Arcana and the Queen of Pain Arcana shows us that some of the lines in those Arcanas also mentions the kid.

A voice line in Wraith King’s Arcana: The One True King Bundle also indicates that there is a kid on the Battlefield.

Queen of Pain’s Arcana also contains lines about a storybook:

Storybooks with forest creatures are usually reserved for children (think Jungle Book), so perhaps Queen of Pain is saying these to the kid.

Will we actually have another kid hero like Kid Invoker or Pugna? Maybe. But even if we do, expect it to release a lot later. Perhaps after TI11.

Other Facts Revealed, Hinted or Confirmed in Wei The Female Anti Mage Persona

After killing Invoker, Wei states that she does not like killing fathers. Perhaps this is due to the respect she has for the original Anti Mage who is a father figure to her. So she takes no joy in killing Invoker despite the fact that he is a Mage.

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