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Geek Fam dominated the playoff upper bracket in the second season of the BTS Pro Series to claim the title with a clean 3-0 sweep over BOOM Esports.

Kuku and co placed third in the previous season after being the sole survivors of the lower bracket rounds, but this time around, the two big regional forces, Fnatic and TNC, were the ones struggling. While TNC Predator was eliminated only in the top six, Fnatic registered the first playoff defeat at the hands of Geek fam. They managed to survive some tense games in the lower bracket rounds, but they got bested 2-0 on the finals day by BOOM Esports, who outpaced them in the lower bracket final series.

Despite the extremely dominant performance against the top team in the region, BOOM were no match for Geek Fam in the best-of-five grand finals. They lost the opening match, although they had a very mobile draft and an early roaming Doom with Boots of Travel completed just 7 minutes into the game. Their mobility was perfectly matched by a last pick Spectre from Geek Fam, who also had Ember Spirit to deal with BOOM’s Nature’s Prophet constant push.

Game two started even better for BOOM as they dominated the laning stage with Witch Doctor and Tusk in the support roles. However, they couldn’t land a single kill on Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto’s Morphling and got heavily punished once he had the Ethereal Blade done.

After losing with two drafts that on paper looked superior, BOOM seemed completely lost in the third game of the series. Their draft lacked synergy and got completely outplayed by Geek Fam, who walked away with RM89.6 k ($21,000) for claiming the tournament title.

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