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  • Filipino coach and player, -BaSi, has been signed as a coach by a South American team, Luxor Gaming.
  • -BaSi served as the drafter for SEA temporary teams like Team Dog and Among Us that included Abed and iceiceice.

In a piece of very intriguing news, a Filipino coach who served as the drafter of the temporary squads of Team Dog and Among Us has been recruited by the South American Dota 2 team, Luxor Gaming. -BaSi, a coach from the Philippines, will be joining the Peruvian team for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021. 

Filipino Coach Gets Signed By SA Dota 2 Team, Luxor Gaming

Several Tier 2/3 teams exist within the Peruvian region, where Dota 2 is a very popular esport. Luxor Gaming, a part of this ecosystem, has recruited a player from the other corner of the world. -BaSi, a Filipino coach who served as the coach and drafter for Abed and iceiceice’s Among Us and Team Dog, has joined the SA team.

Luxor Gaming announced the addition of -BaSi through a Facebook post.

Le damos la Bienvenida “-Basi” que nos estará apoyando durante esta dpc 2021, tuvo una carrera muy exitosa en el continente asiático y ahora viene a apostar a la escena sudamericana, fue drafter del team de Abed (among us y Team Dog) esperemos que se quede por un largo tiempo

-BaSi has also played competitively as a player for SEA teams that include Team Air but was not able to reach the top tier stage. He plays in the positive five role as per his stint with Team Air at the Libertango Cup. 

Considering -BaSi was behind the drafting of two squads that included the finest players in the SEA region, he is undoubtedly a massive addition to Luxor Gaming’s squad. Considering the fact that the Filipino coach played with four Chinese players in Team Air, so he possesses the experience of playing with foreign players. 

Though Luxor Gaming has revealed their coach, they are yet to announce their new roster for the upcoming DPC season. The restart of DPC is scheduled for January 18, 2021, so a solid beginning to a renewed season is what the South American underdogs will be hoping for.

What happened to Team Dog’s players?

The SEA squad of Team Dog that -BaSi coached, comprising of Abed, iceiceice, inYourdreaM, Poloson, and ah fu have dissolved after their second-place finish at BTS Pro Series S4. 

  • Abed and iceiceice will travel to NA to play for Evil Geniuses. 
  • Poloson still has a contract with T1. However, because T1 played with Kuku and Whitemon in its most recent tournament, it looks like he might be out of the squad. 
  • inYourdreaM and ah fu are both currently teamless. However, considering their resumes, it will be unlikely to see them not secure a spot in a team before the DPC season kicks off in January 2020.

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