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After multiple changes in how the Collector’s Cache functioned and some serious reworks to how submissions were done, Valve has finally released Collector’s Cache II for Dota 2.

There were some players worried that the entire collection might be pushed out of the Summer and Battle Pass timeline based on Valve’s last update. But even with lowered expectations, Collector’s Cache Volume II is now live for players to grab for a limited time.

From a Kraken-themed bundle for Tidehunter to a pirate-styled Sniper, there is a lot of creative item sets available within the new collection. At the higher rarities, you can grab a Rare set for Templar Assassin, a Very Rare set for Faceless Void, and an Ultra Rare set for Legion Commander.

With the collection now available, players can purchase bundles for $2.49. Unboxing 14 of the treasures will automatically grant players an additional 34 Battle Pass Levels, with the odds of receiving a bonus rare item increasing with each opening. 

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