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A few weeks ago, Topson was back in Europe to compete with OG in ESL One Birmingham Online that had a disappointing result for Topson’s return. Eager to prove themselves again, Topson and the rest of 2020 OG showed a better and fitting return as they swept Alliance in the Upper Bracket Round 2 of the BLAST Bounty Hunt Dota 2.

In game 1, Alliance played Nikobaby Ember Spirit, Limmp Kunkka, last-pick Nature’s Prophet for S4, Handsken Bounty Hunter, and Fng Witch Doctor. Meanwhile, OG drafted another clown fiesta with Sumail Luna, Topson Earth Spirit, MidOne Tusk, Saksa Windranger, and Notail IO.

As I watched the game, I saw how Limmp outplayed Topson during the laning phase. On Alliance’s safe lane, Nikobaby traded WD’s life so they can have a bit of advantage by securing some kills on MidOne. Meanwhile, OG’s safe lane with IO and Luna was at a draw with NP and BH.

Surprisingly, the four-protect-one strat of OG kept them in the game, but even though Alliance was looking to seal game 1, a great Shackleshot from Saksa began OG’s incredible turnaround.

Even though Topson had a bad start, he still led OG in assists as he finished with 14, while Notail’s IO helped Luna in farming with his heals and relocates to finish the game with a total of 11k damage healed.

Heading into game 2, Alliance played Nikobaby Bloodseeker, Limmp Dragon Knight, last-pick Venomancer for S4, Handsken Earth Spirit, and Fng Grimstroke. For OG, Sumail played Ursa, Topson played Pangolier, MidOne on Riki, and Saksa and Notail playing their same heroes in game 11.

In the laning phase, Riki and WR’s poking led to some kills on Bloodseeker and Grimstroke; DK had a great lane; while Veno and Earth Spirit landed a few kills on IO and Ursa. But despite these laning, both teams could not pull away with a large lead.

Following Nikobaby, a fight broke out in the Radiant Outpost of OG.

In this fight, we get to see the sustain brought by Topson and Notail to win the fight. In addition to great sustain, OG’s winning point was also how Sumail farmed like an Alch. He had 772/731 GPM/XPM by the end of the game.

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