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After five series in the Upper Division of the South American DPC, beastcoast remain undefeated. The squad have won ten straight matches, putting them atop the South American leaderboard. They’ve nearly guaranteed themselves in the Major, and one more won series will seal it.

Beastcoast will face NoPing e-sports next, on February 19. NoPing are sitting at 1-3 in the standings, in fifth place. They’re at risk of relegation as the bottom four teams all share a series record of 1-3 with only games won/lost in each series dividing them. It shouldn’t be a tough series for beastcoast to win — but, of course, all streaks come to an end eventually.

The harder match will be the last in South America, between beastcoast and SG e-sports on February 26. SG e-sports is sitting at 3-1, in second place currently, with three series left for the team to play.

Beastcoast’s string of wins is especially impressive given how much trouble they had during the off-season. They faced various difficulties that lead to an unimpressive string of 4th-8th place finishes from the end of May through December 2020. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic pushing competition online, beastcoast’s roster (under the beastcoast name and other tags) had been fairly comfortable at the top of the South American leaderboards.

The only other teams to go undefeated in the Upper Division of the DPC are at 8-0 in the CIS region and Quincy Crew at 6-0 in North America. Other teams have won all of their series, but they’ve all dropped one or more games within those series.

Follow beastcoast’s journey in our Upper Division event hub and tune in on February 19 for their next series! Can NoPing break the streak or will beastcoast secure their place at the Major with a 12-0?

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