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  • Team Aster’s support player, BoBoKa (also known as “Borax”) will be missing the Singapore Major due to “sudden personal reasons.” Assistant coach, Mad, will stand-in for the team at the Major.
  • Rumors have alleged that BoBoKa has been caught by the Chinese police for soliciting prostitution. However, there not has been any official confirmation on this at the time of writing this article.
  • Besides BoBoKa, teams – Na’Vi and beastcoast, and players – Kuku, Natsumi-, MSS and MinD_ContRoL, are missing the Singapore Major, due to health and travel issues.

Team Aster’s support player, BoBoKa, is yet another Dota 2 player who will be missing the ONE Esports Singapore Major. However, Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao, (also known as “Borax”) is not down with a physical illness like the other players who are missing the tournament. Team Aster communicated through their Weibo handle that BoBoKa was “unable to participate in the Singapore Major due to sudden personal reasons.” Unconfirmed rumors on Reddit have alleged that the Chinese player was soliciting prostitution – which is illegal in China, and as a result, he had been reprimanded by the police. The team’s assistant coach, Cheng “Mad” Han, will be the stand-in player for the tournament. 

Aster support player BoBoKa will not play at the Singapore Major; coach Mad to stand-in

Team Aster communicated in their Weibo post that while the team had left for Singapore, support player, BoBoKa, would be unable to travel because of the “sudden private reasons.” 

“#ASTER.DOTA2 has departed for Singapore this morning.

The first MAJOR trip for the new lineup

It is also the first time for White, Album_White to participate in an international tournament, and we are looking forward to playing our best in the long-awaited international confrontation.

However, we regret to inform you that BoBoKa is unable to participate in the Singapore Major due to sudden personal reasons and will return to the team after the MAJOR.”

A Reddit thread by u/yjygwzs has alleged that the personal reasons are linked to BoBoKa’s quest for prostitution in Shanghai. The player has reportedly been arrested by the police and will face a few days of jail time and fines. This is because prostitution is illegal in China. 

Big drama: Aster.Boboka will miss Singapore Major. Rumor has that he was arrested for soliciting prostitution yesterday in Shanghai. from r/DotA2

The user added an update later where he informed that the player was “arrested at an apartment. He was recognized by one of the police officers, who thought about letting him go. However, Boboka has already admitted paying RM1,659 (~$400 USD) for sex to other polices.” 

This is still unconfirmed news as neither the player nor the organization has addressed this allegation. 

While the Chinese player is set to miss the tournament because of personal reasons, other players and teams have been hurdled by pandemic concerns and travel/quarantine regulations. Na’Vi and beastcoast are the two teams that will not be playing at the Singapore Major. T1’s Kuku, Neon Esports’ Natsumi-, Quincy Crew’s MSS, and Nigma’s MinD_ContRoL are the players who have been confirmed to be missing the tournament

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