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Valve released the new female Anti-Mage Persona. The skin does not seem to have met the community’s expectations, as lots of fans ask for a rework. Let’s take a look at some reactions on social media.

When all of the new Battle Pass skins got teased, the female Anti-Mage got celebrated the most. Countless fanart was created, players were hyped, but now: They are simply disappointed.

Valve implemented the Persona earlier this Saturday. The character Wei is a disciple of the Anti-Mage and is basically portrayed as the female version of the hero. The special “Disciple’s Path” skin can only be obtained by reaching level 305 of the Battle Pass, meaning you need to invest quite some time, or rather money, to get the Persona.

When spending this much money, players, of course, hope for a great new item with special effects, a visually pleasing design and so on. But it seems like this time, Valve did not meet the hopes and expectations of the community at all.

A huge amount of criticism targets the different facial design of Wei. Or to be more precise, the fact that the in-game version does not look like the preview artwork that got the community so hyped about her.

The teaser image had a different aesthetic, which might be a subjective issue. However, the hair hugely differs from the original artwork as well. Many players also pointed out that the Persona got advertised with different blades. The actual in-game blades do not have any custom effects and lack anything special.

The second major issue that was addressed is the lack of custom or ambient effects, new icons or skill animations. Some users complained about the rather bland design and the lack of special effects, others prefer the simplistic design.

Wei can only be equipped as a complete skin which leaves no room to equip other cosmetics or slots. So basically, once you choose the Persona, you can’t change anything about the design and don’t give her other weapons you previously purchased for Anti-Mage. This, of course, can be a disappointing issue when you spend money on other items and are now not able to mix it with the female skin, especially since Wei’s blades are quite bland.

As user WalkerVII pointed out on Reddit though, it makes sense to not mix Anti-Mages cosmetics with Wei’s design: “A Persona isn’t just a bundle of a cosmetic outfit. Personas embody an entire lore concept. To equip a Persona means to embrace that new identity, so there isn’t a point in equipping cosmetics meant for the original identity.”

Some players like the new design, others ask for a rework. There are arguments for either side and a lot of parts come down to personal preference. However, Valve has been more responsive to the community’s feedback so there might be some changes to the set.

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