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WePlay! Esports is back with another CS:GO event, Clutch Island, a tournament with 13 of the best CIS teams who will compete their share of rm213 k ($50,000) and points for ESL One: Rio 2020.

A majority of the roster has already been announced due to the CIS Regional Major Rankings (RMR) point system is being used for the event, but there are still three qualifiers left for others to compete for.

From June 16 to 28, top teams will battle for the prize pool and up to 2,000 RMR points in a double-elimination tournament where every series, even the grand finals, is a best-of-three. Teams like Hard Legion Esports, Team Spirit, and Natus Vincere have already locked in their spot, with five teams getting Stage One byes due to their high ranks.

Stage Three Direct Invites

  • Hard Legion – 1,640 points
  • Spirit – 1,600 points
  • – 1,520 points
  • Winstrike – 1,500 points
  • Natus Vincere – 1,430 points
  • Nemiga – 1,200 points
  • Syman – 1,100 points
  • Gambit Youngsters – 950 points
  • ForZe – 750 points
  • Espada – 750 points
  • Unique – 550 points
  • pro100 – 440 points
  • Open Qualifier 
  • Open Qualifier 
  • Open Qualifier 

Those three open qualifier spots will be decided on June 8, 9, and 10, with three different sets of qualifiers each having three teams move on. The closed qualifiers will take place immediately after that, with eight teams being split into two groups to compete for those three spots in the main event.

That main event will consist of a group stage made up of three different stages and a standard playoff bracket. Each stage and the playoffs will all be double-elimination, best-of-three series, with the following payout at the end for the top 10 teams.

  • First place: RM63 k ($15,000) and 2 000 RMR-points
  • Second place: RM42 k ($10,000) and 1 875 RMR-points
  • Third place: RM25 k ($6,000) and 1,750 RMR points
  • Fourth place: RM21 k ($5,000) and 1,625 RMR points
  • Fifth place: RM19 k ($4,500) and 1,500 RMR points
  • Sixth place: RM14 k ($3,500) and 1,375 RMR points
  • Seventh place: RM12 k ($3,000) and 1,250 RMR points
  • Eighth place: RM12 k ($3,000) and 1,125 RMR points
  • Ninth place: 1,000 RMR points
  • 10th place: 875 RMR points

The main event will be streamed live on WePlay!’s Twitch channel, with additional details about the broadcast to be announced later this week.

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