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  • CS:GO user takes a brilliantly smart ace using just a grenade after the round comes to an end on Inferno.
  • The user read the situation really well and timed the grenade throw to precisely do damage after the C4 exploded.

Imagine getting yourself in such a position that you are gifted with an ace as soon as a round ends. Yes, this is not an easy feat to achieve and in most cases will require a lot of luck. Now, double the stakes by ensuring that not a single bullet is fired by you to secure the ace. This might seem near impossible, but ‘u/vasilevsky92’ was able to pull it off without breaking a sweat. Despite losing the round he ensured that the trade off favored his team in any way possible, as he took away all weapons and utility that the opposition was looking to save. This could actually have a significant impact on the outcome of a game!

Fastest post round ace on Inferno

The CS:GO player who took this brilliant and quite a lucky ace on Inferno after the C4 exploded, went ahead to call it “the fastest ace of CS history”. Though he was clearly joking, it might not be wrong to call it the “fastest post round ace on Inferno”. This is because ‘u/vasilevsky92’ literally team wiped the opposition just a second after the C4 exploded and the round came to an end.

He did not fire a single bullet or in fact did not even use a proper weapon to take the stunning ace. All that mattered was a good read on the oppositions movement and good awareness of the C4 explosion timing. Utilizing these factors along with a well executed grenade throw, he caught the opposition clumped up on the far end of the ‘Pit’, resulting in an effortless team wipe.

From the clip above you can see that, all that the user did was time the throw of his grenade perfectly. With the C4 timer running down, the user simply ran till he was near ‘Library’ and then threw the grenade, instantly going down to the C4 explosion himself. 

This also damaged the stacked T-sided players, who were all waiting out the round near the far-end of the ‘Pit’. But the grenade that the user had thrown landed just a second after the C4 went off, giving further damage to the players and resulting in a wonderful ace. There was a bit of luck involved as a few players did spot the grenade and tried to scramble away, but it was just too late.

It might not have resulted in a round victory but it definitely had an impact on the oppositions economy, that too during the tail end of the match. Which could have had an overall impact on the outcome going ahead. Superb read, and an even better execution!

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