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  • CS:GO user secures a 1v4 clutch on the back of an insane no-scope quad kill with an AWP.
  • The user hit nothing but 4 consecutive no scope shots with the AWP to defend the ‘B-Site’ on Dust 2.

AWPing in CS:GO is more than just holding an angle passively and taking easy one-shot kills, of course, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz is an exception. But the actual skill with the bolt action rifle is displayed when it is in the hands of a player who likes to play with the weapon aggressively. Someone who is up for a bit of a challenge, like only hitting no scopes in a 1v4 clutch situation. While a wild dream for many, ‘u/HippyLongNeck’ was able to achieve this marvel while defending a ‘B-Site’ plant on Dust 2, falling just short of a kill to complete his ace and truly make it into the hall of fame.

CS:GO player secures 4 consecutive no scope AWP kills

Rushing into the ‘B-Site’ confidently armed with a Nova, ‘u/HippyLongNeck’ was quick to get his hands on an AWP which a defending CT-sided player had dropped. With the C4 already planted, all the user had to do was defend the site alone against 4 players from the opposite team. 

Simply saying, that the user was able to pull it off would be a massive understatement because all the kills secured came off a no scope, as the AWP turned into a lethal bolt action Desert Eagle (Deagle).

From the clip above one can see how calmly the user went on to handle the situation after getting his hands on an AWP. The user went on to take two no scope kills at the same position ‘B Window’, followed by a small peak towards the ‘B Door’ as he quickly took down the third player also.

The fourth and the final player came into the site jumping through the ‘B Window’ trying to take down the user with a no scope shot from his side but missed miserably. After a short hustle, the user was able to get the better of him, completing the intense clutch and completing the four no scope kills challenge.

A cherry on top would have been a no scope ace with the AWP. Truly cementing this clip in the ‘r/Global Offensive’ subreddits hall of fame. Plays like these are what makes an AWP a truly impressive weapon, in the hands of the right player. 

The CS:GO community was also quick to react to this with the classic meme ‘AWP is just an expensive Deagle’ while discussing what blunders would they have committed if they were ever in a similar situation. Maybe this is why the CS:GO AWP is considered better when compared to the Valorant Operation.

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