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  • CS:GO player shows how to pull off the fastest ‘Apartment’ rush as CT-side on Inferno.
  • This is quite a difficult maneuver to get a hang off, requiring good movement skills and a lot of practice.
  • It is great for catching the T-side off guard, taking them by surprise especially on an eco round.

Inferno is one of the most played competitive maps in CS:GO, the Active Duty staple is heavily based around effective fakes and rotations making it a tactically superior map to play on. While one site is quite open with multiple openings, the other has just one long alley where players constantly fight hard to take possession of the area. This map can be won by the attacking players if they have good utility usage and superb fakes, a great way for CT to get an upper hand is to throw them off with their timings. Well, ‘u/Gigzee’ helps with this by showing the fastest way to reach apartments on Inferno.

Fastest way to reach apartments on Inferno

The user shows an effective way to reach Apartments on Inferno quickly. It is definitely not an easy feat to achieve as proven by the plethora of comments, that tell a tale about a lot of  players failing to replicate it even after numerous attempts.

However, the way ‘u/Gigzee’ does it is simply amazing. The user does not miss a beat on his way towards the apartments, charging through the ‘CT-Spawn’ holding a knife in his hands, leaping on top of the barrels on the ‘A-Site’, and wriggling his way towards the ‘Haystack’ from where he surprisingly skates onto the ‘Balcony’ effortlessly.

From the clip above you can see that the first 2 steps are quite simple and almost everyone manages to reach the barrels on the ‘A-Site’. However, landing on the ‘Haystack’ and then skidding on to the ‘Balcony’ is where majority of the players fail. This usually cuts them off by at least 2 seconds and it becomes a bit more difficult to push forward effectively.

This can be a great move to pull off in an eco round or sometimes in between when you think the opposition is gaining momentum. This sudden change in pace catches the opponents by surprise and catches them off guard, sending them into a state of panic which your teams can then utilize to their strength to win the round.

However, this trick should not be overdone otherwise you might just find yourself running towards an early AWP wallbang from the ‘Bridge’, or simply walk into a bait by the enemy who now expect you to rush them quickly through the ‘Apartments’.

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